New Releases and Coming Soon

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update–my apologies! I wanted to let you know what’s coming up in 2017, as well as what you may have missed over the past couple of months.

Cunning Attractions by Christy BarrittFirst, Cunning Attractions released! If you haven’t gotten your copy check, make sure you do. Readers are saying:

Barritt gets better with every story!

Witty and fun.

Fantastic as always!



Light the Dark by Christy BarrittAlso, Light the Dark released last month. It’s a Christmas novella that’s a part of the Carolina Moon series.






Shadow of Suspicion by Christy BarrittComing up in 2017: Shadow of Suspicion, my next Love Inspired Suspense novel, will release in February. 






I’m also launching a new series called The Worst Detective Ever. Stay tuned for more details!

Clean Getaway by Christy BarrittGabby St. Claire will be starring in a tree book mini-series that’s a part of the Squeaky Clean line. It’s called the Cold Case Squad, and the first book is Clean Getaway.





Random Acts of Fraud by Christy BarrittHolly Anna Paladin will be back in Random Acts of Fraud.






Visit some of the characters from Dubiosity and Disillusioned, as well as meet some new ones, in Distorted, releasing June 20.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be posting more information as it comes.

Many blessings!

Wait Until Dark is now available!

ChristyBarritt_WaitUntilDark_HRWait Until Dark, the third book in the Carolina Moon series, is now available!

A woman grieving broken dreams. A man struggling to regain memories. A secret entrenched in folklore dating back two centuries.

Antiquarian Felicity French has no clue the trouble she’s inviting in when she rescues a man outside her grandma’s old plantation house during a treacherous snowstorm. All she wants is to nurse her battered heart and wounded ego, as well as come to terms with her past. Now she’s stuck inside with a stranger sporting an old bullet wound and forgotten hours.

Coast Guardsman Brody Joyner can’t remember why he was out in such perilous weather, how he injured his head, or how a strange key got into his pocket. He also has no idea why his pint-sized savior has such a huge chip on her shoulder. He has no choice but to make the best of things until the storm passes.

Brody and Felicity’s rocky start goes from tense to worse when danger closes in. Who else wants the mysterious key that somehow ended up in Brody’s pocket? Why? The unlikely duo quickly becomes entrenched in an adventure of a lifetime, one that could have ties to local folklore and Felicity’s ancestors. But sometimes the past leads to darkness . . . darkness that doesn’t wait for anyone.


Squeaky Clean Universe Book Order

Yes, I said Squeaky Clean Universe. Marvel has a universe, so why can’t I? 🙂 

Here are all the books in Gabby’s series, as well as the spin-offs from the series (including the Sierra Files and the Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries). 


Hazardous Duty

Suspicious Minds

It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (a Christmas novella)

Organized Grime

Dirty Deeds

Pounced (The Sierra Files, Book 1)

The Scum of All Fears

To Love, Honor, and Perish

            Hunted (The Sierra Files, Book 2)

Mucky Streak

Random Acts of Murder (Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries, Book 1)

While You Were Sweeping (A Riley Thomas companion Novel)

Pranced (The Sierra Files, a Christmas novella)

Foul Play

Broom and Gloom

            Random Acts of Deceit (Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries, Book 2)

Dust and Obey

Rattled (The Sierra Files, Book 3)

Random Acts of Malice (Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries, Book 3)

Thrill Squeaker

            Swept Away (a Squeaky Clean novella)

Cunning Attractions (coming soon!)


Surprise! It’s a Squeaky Clean Novella!

ChristyBarritt_SweptAway_HRAs a surprise to all my dear Squeaky Clean readers, I’ve released Swept Away, a honeymoon novella!

Finding the perfect place for a honeymoon, away from any potential danger or mystery, is challenging. But Gabby’s longtime love and newly minted husband, Riley Thomas, has done it. He has found a location with a nonexistent crime rate, a mostly retired population, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation in the warm sun.

Within minutes of the newlyweds’ arrival, a convoy of vehicles descends on a nearby house, and their honeymoon oasis is destroyed like a sandcastle in a storm. Despite Gabby’s and Riley’s determination to keep to themselves, trouble comes knocking at their door—literally—when a neighbor is abducted from the beach directly outside their rental.

Will Gabby and Riley be swept away with each other during their honeymoon . . . or will a tide of danger and mayhem pull them under?

Thrill Squeaker–Now Available!

ChristyBarritt_ThrillSqueaker_2500pxI’m so excited to announce that Thrill Squeaker is now available at Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo! Get your copy this week and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. The book is only 99¢ until March 5. An abandoned theme park. An unsolved murder. A decision that will change Gabby’s life forever. Restoring an old amusement park and turning it into a destination resort seems like a fun idea for former crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire. The side job gives her the chance to spend time with her friends, something she’s missed since beginning a new career. The job turns out to be more than Gabby bargained for when she finds a dead body on her first day. Add to the mix legends of Bigfoot, creepy clowns, and ghost-like remnants of happier times at the park, and her stay begins to feel like a rollercoaster ride. Someone doesn’t want the decrepit Mythical Falls to open again, but just how far is this person willing to go to ensure this venture fails? As the stakes rise and danger creeps closer, will Gabby be able to restore things in her own life that time has destroyed—including broken relationships? Or is her future closer to the fate of the doomed Mythical Falls?

Random Acts of Malice and Random Acts of Scrooge–Now Available

Just in time for Christmas, two new Holly Anna Paladin books are available! Join Holly as her good intentions constantly lead her astray!


ChristyBarritt_RandomActsOfMalice_200pxWhen Holly Anna Paladin’s boyfriend, police detective Chase Dexter, says he’s leaving for two weeks and can’t give any details, she wants to trust him. But when she discovers Chase may be involved in some unwise and dangerous pursuits, she’s compelled to intervene.

Holly gets a run for her money as she’s swept into the world of horseracing. The stakes turn deadly when a dead body surfaces and suspicion is cast on Chase. At every turn, more trouble emerges, making Holly question what she holds true about her relationship and her future.

Just when she thinks she’s on the homestretch, a dark horse arises. Holly might lose everything in a nail-biting fight to the finish.



ChristyBarritt_RandomActsOfScrooge_2500pxChristmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but a real-life Scrooge is threatening to ruin the season’s good will.

Holly Anna Paladin can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. She loves everything about the season—celebrating the birth of Jesus, singing carols, and baking Christmas treats, just to name a few. But when a local family needs help, how can she say no?

Holly’s community has come together to help raise funds to save the home of Greg and Babette Sullivan, but a Bah-Humburgler has snatched the canisters of cash. Holly and her boyfriend, police detective Chase Dexter, team up to catch the Christmas crook.

Will they succeed in collecting enough cash to cover the Sullivans’ overdue bills? Or will someone succeed in ruining Christmas for all those involved?


What’s Next? Here’s a Preview!


I’ve been busy writing contracted books this fall. One is my new Love Inspired Suspense which will be out in June. I’m also writing Disillusioned, which takes place in the same town as Dubiosity. Savannah will even make a few appearances!

In the meantime, this is what I have coming up:

ChristyBarritt_RandomActsOfMalice_200pxRandom Acts of Malice should be available in November!














ChristyBarritt_RandomActsOfScrooge_2500pxRandom Acts of Scrooge, a Christmas novella, will be available in December.













Rattled, the third book in the Sierra Files, will release at the end of December.













Mountain Hideaway from Love Inspired Suspense releases in January.













Thrill Squeaker will release in February.













Wait Until Dark releases in April.












In June, Dark Harbor and Disillusioned will release!

That’s it for now!



Dust and Obey Now Available!


Christian Mystery, Suspense and Romance…All Rolled into One Book!

The tenth book in the Squeaky Clean series is now available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo. Get your copy today!

When Gabby St. Claire’s ex-fiancé, Riley Thomas, asks for her help in investigating a possible murder at a couples retreat, she knows she should say no. She knows she should run far, far away from the danger of both being around Riley and the crime.

But her nosy instincts and determination take precedence over her logic. At the retreat center she feels like she’s stepped into the pages of a creepy gothic novel: an isolated island that’s often foggy, an old lodge with a dark history, and a small pool of suspects who each have either motive, means, or opportunity for murder. When another life is threatened, the risk intensifies.

Gabby and Riley must work together to find the killer. In the process, they have to confront demons from their past and deal with their present relationship. If they don’t learn to trust each other, they could both end up as fodder for the supposedly cursed island’s folklore.

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