Taken by Dark

Taken by Dark by Christy BarrittWidowed single mom Willa Summers can’t deny that something strange is going on in her North Carolina hometown. She fears her pregnant sister-in-law, singer Daleigh McDermott, is the target of mysterious threats. Little does Willa know that she’s the one in danger.

When Declan Donovan shows up in the house next door, things seem to turn from bad to worse. Declan broke Willa’s heart more than a decade ago when he deserted her and chose a career with the FBI over small-town life with her. But now he may be the only one who can help keep everyone safe.

Declan must get to the bottom of things before the mysterious threats become reality. As the darkness closes in, everything Willa holds dear may be snatched from her—including a second chance at love. Will she be overtaken by the dark or will she escape its clutches in time?

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